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Connect + Comfort Kit

Connect + Comfort Kit

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The Connect + Comfort Kit is a toolkit designed to provide activities for an individual living with dementia and their care partners. These activities help to improve brain health, exercise their senses, and elicit long-term memories. It includes multiple products targeting specific senses. 

What to expect: Early Stages 

  • Tactile Activities
  • Aromatherapy
  • Adult Coloring Activities
  • Logical puzzles such as crosswords or sudoku
  • Music Therapy 

We also are offering the Connect + Comfort Kit for later stages! This is specifically designed for individuals who are transitioning into the later stages of dementia, or who do not prefer logical puzzles. This box has been specifically curated off of lots of research, interviews, and consultations with mental health professionals in the field and care partners. We hope you enjoy!

What to expect: Late Stages

  • Tactile Activities (specifically curated for individuals in the later stages)
  • Aromatherapy
  • Adult Coloring Activities (Very simple line art specifically designed for this box)
  • Stuffed Animal / Doll Therapy
  • Bandana for folding activities
  • Music Therapy 

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