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Making Connections Flashcard Activity

Making Connections Flashcard Activity

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At Resense™ our mission is to bring comfort and joy with all of our products, but, we also have a goal of making connections! The Memory Box is a toolkit that can bridge a gap during conversations and allow for new wonderful memories to be made. 

This "Making Connections" Activity is yet another way to facilitate these conversations and learn more about those you are caring for! You might learn things you never knew before!  We realize that sometimes it is hard to talk to your loved one, resident, client, or friend. Sometimes it can be frustrating. With this Making Connections activity, we have worked with experts to create a way to initiate these conversations and provide you with all the tools necessary to do so. We are here for you as the care partner and want to help relieve as much stress as possible so you can focus on enjoying your time with your loved one and making new memories! 


Each card has pictures as clues to the topic of conversation. On the back of the card, there is a "script" for you to start the conversation and different guiding questions to continue it. If one does not work, try another! Note Picture 3. 

There are 10 question cards printed on high-quality cardstock, held together on an openable ring. This allows you to organize the cards however you prefer. 

Topics Discussed: 

- Pets, Food, Cars, Sports, Children, Military, Travel, Music, Flowers, School

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