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Summer Dementia Friendly Printable Activity (PDF DOWNLOAD)

Summer Dementia Friendly Printable Activity (PDF DOWNLOAD)

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Note that these are just a PDF printable! 

It's summer time!  We are excited to offer you this Summer Dementia Friendly PDF Activity!

This printable is a mini version of our Resense Register. If you, your loved one or your residents enjoy this activity, try out the Resense Register! It is a dementia friendly newspaper with over 6 different articles, 5 different puzzles, and more! Learn more:

NOTE: It will require a billing address, but this will immediately be sent to your inbox! We are working on not requiring a billing address!

- History article (Newspaper article)
- 5 Summer inspired coloring pages.
- 5 Summer Fun Facts.
- 1 Crossword
- 1 Fill In The Blank
- 2 Jokes of the Day. 

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