The Resense Register: A Catalyst for Reminiscence, Cognitive stimulation, and Meaningful Social Interactions.

The Resense Register: A Catalyst for Reminiscence, Cognitive stimulation, and Meaningful Social Interactions.

The Creation of the Resense Register: 

Opening up a newspaper each day is muscle memory for most. It is also a sensory experience. Imagine the crinkle of the paper, smell of the ink, and the taste of coffee that you sip as you read today's news. This is routine for most people.

Resense is a company that creates unique engagement tools for individuals living with Dementia and their care partners. Through this experience, we meet, visit, and get to know many different individuals living in care communities. During one of our visits, we found a need. Not everybody has access to the newspaper anymore, many of these being individuals living with Dementia.

Some may not be able to read it because the font is too small, or simply because it is hard to get a paper to their residence. As a company that has a mission to bring comfort and joy to those living with Dementia, we wanted to make sure that everyone can open a newspaper each morning!

So, working with many different dementia care experts, we created the Resense Register. A dementia-friendly newspaper designed to reminisce, engage, and elicit long-term memories. By creating the Resense Register, we wanted to bring back the routine and activity of daily living of opening and reading the paper each day. By doing the same thing each day and adding structure to these individuals' lives, the Register can decrease agitation, restlessness, and aggression.

What makes the Resense Register “Dementia Friendly” 

As we created the Resense Register, we kept our mission in mind. We wanted everything to bring comfort and not frustration, so we designed it with seniors in mind.

The first thing we wanted was for it to be easily accessible and readable. We printed the Register on classic newsprint and ensured that it has a much larger font than a classic newspaper and that the puzzles included are large and designed for seniors.

Each of the articles included in the Resense Register is timeless and positive. What does that mean? The articles do not mention specific dates but rather time periods. We include nostalgic topics and historical events revisited. By doing so, we ensure that the Register is a tool specifically designed for reminiscing.

Reminiscence therapy, is a powerful tool in dementia care that utilizes the recollection of past events, experiences, and memories to promote emotional well-being and cognitive function in individuals with dementia. By engaging in reminiscence activities, individuals can experience a sense of validation, connection, and comfort, ultimately enhancing their overall quality of life.

Research has shown that reminiscent therapy can have several benefits for individuals living with dementia. Firstly, it can improve mood and decrease feelings of anxiety and depression by providing opportunities for positive reminiscing and emotional expression. Secondly, it can stimulate cognitive function and memory recall, as individuals engage in discussions about past events and personal experiences. This cognitive stimulation can help maintain cognitive abilities and slow the progression of cognitive decline associated with dementia.

Finally, we included the classic crossword and other puzzles that are included in a daily newspaper. We have also added new types of puzzles such as fill in the blank, matching, spot the different, and jokes of the day. Incorporating games and puzzles into the Resense Register offers numerous benefits for individuals living with dementia. Engaging in these activities can help maintain cognitive function, improve problem-solving skills, and enhance mental stimulation. Furthermore, puzzles like fill-in-the-blank, matching, and spot-the-difference provide a variety of cognitive challenges suited to different abilities, ensuring that everyone can participate and enjoy the Resense Register regardless of their cognitive level.

How can the Resense Register benefit you and your residents?

Having tested the Resense Register in over 400 care communities and receiving their feedback, we have found many different use cases for the Resense Register.

The Resense Register offers a wonderful individual activity for residents, allowing them to read articles, engage with puzzles, and carry it around for downtime activities. However, its benefits extend beyond individual use. Care communities have discovered its effectiveness as a group engagement activity, with residents reading articles to each other and sparking reminiscent conversations. Additionally, the puzzles and games have been adapted into whiteboard activities and quiz-like games, providing versatile opportunities for group interaction and cognitive stimulation. In both individual and group settings, the Resense Register enriches the lives of residents and fosters meaningful connections within the community.

What is next?

We believe, the Resense Register stands as a unique and invaluable resource for care communities seeking to enhance the well-being and engagement of their residents living with dementia. Designed with meticulous attention to detail and informed by extensive collaboration with dementia care experts, this dementia-friendly newspaper is more than just a daily read—it's a catalyst for reminiscence, cognitive stimulation, and meaningful social interactions.

Having been tested and positively received in over 400 care communities, the Resense Register has proven its versatility and effectiveness in various settings. Whether used as an individual pastime or incorporated into group activities, it brings comfort, joy, and a sense of routine to residents' lives.

We encourage care communities to consider integrating the Resense Register into their daily activities, recognizing its potential to enhance the quality of life for residents living with dementia. For those interested in exploring the benefits firsthand, we invite you to request samples and experience the Resense Register in your community. Together, let's embark on a journey of reminiscence, engagement, and meaningful connections with those we care for.

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